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Friday FAIL: Say Goodbye to your Ferrari’s Door!

Ferrari 458 Challenge Door Removal

Going to need one of those for the racetrack.

The Ferrari 458 Challenge is a non road-legal super car based on the Ferrari 458 Italia. It has all the greatness of the Italia with hardcore racing-spec upgrades and lightweight, downforce-inducing aerodynamics. You won’t see many of these on the road, especially in Bucharest, Romania.

Ferrari 458 Challenge Door Removal

But this Red Ferrari 458 Challenge was navigating the city streets of Bucharest and drawing quite a bit of attention in the process. In the middle of the street, the driver stopped for a second to talk through the polycarbonate window slide prior to parking.

The Ferrari then backed up and pulled to the side of the road into an open parking spot. Everything seemed fine until the driver opened up the door.

Ferrari 458 Challenge Door Removal

As the driver opened up the door, a Mazda 3 came rolling by and caught the door, ripping it wide open and causing some serious damage.

We know that cutting weight gives cars an advantage on the track, but this probably isn’t the way to go about doing that.

Source: Total Impact YouTube

What would you do as the driver of this Ferrari 458 Challenge after your door got knocked off by a Mazda 3?


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