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Break some Records with the AMS Alpha Omega Nissan GT-R

AMS World Record GT-R

Where 200+ mph is a breeze.

Since they first hit the scene, the R35 Nissan GT-R has been nothing short of dominating on the drag strip. The twin-turbocharged V-6 has been pushed to incredible heights by tuners from around the globe, one of them being AMS Performance.

AMS Performance’s Alpha Omega GT-R has been grabbing headlines for its insane speed and record times on the drag strip, and it was back doing it again at the Wannagofast Florida 1/2 Mile Shootout in Ocala, FL.

AMS World Record GT-R

The AMS Alpha Omega GT-R is a full-on street-legal car that even was suited up with DOT-approved tires for the event. It did, however, have a removable parachute and wing for safety.

In its run, the AMS Alpha Omega GT-R set a new world record with a V-Box certified 224.91 mph trap speed through the ½-mile. The car was so fast and powerful that it started to do a burnout after it hit 210 mph, when the traction control was unable to function.

What will they do next?

Source: That Racing Channel

Do you think the AMS Alpha Omega GT-R can go even faster?


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