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Bremont and Norton – Wednesday Watch

Here at MotoringExposure, we have a weak spot for watch brands that connect with motor sport. Although many liaisons failed in the past (think IWC and AMG, Girard-Perregaux and Ferrari for example), we feel confident that British watch brand Bremont is spot-on with their limited edition chronograph dedicated to Norton, one of the most iconic motorcycle brands there is.

Bremont was founded in 2004 by Nick and Giles English, two brothers who are both professional pilots. In 2007, their first line of watches was introduced on the market and got instant recognition by a lot of watch fans and collectors. Having their roots in the aviation world, Nick and Giles know how important innovation and durability is. This shows in the way the case of the Bremont watches is constructed for example. The Trip-Tick construction allows Bremont to use different materials for all three parts of the case (bezel & crystal, central watch case and case back), to be able to influence the weight and look of each wristwatch.

Each of their watches is treated with a special technology (called B-EBE2000) to improve the hardness of their cases. This means that every case is heat-treated, defused with carbon and then bombarded with electrons, creating a watchcase with a hardness 2000 on the Vickers scale. In other (and more simpler) words, the Bremont watch cases are about 9 times as hard and scratch resistant than the regular stainless steel watch case. Bremont uses Soprod/ETA (including Valjoux) movements and have them chronometer certified (COSC = Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres). All watches are assembled and tested in the watchfactory in Bienne / Switzerland. Bremont refers to their movements as BE-xx.

And now, in 2010, iconic British motorcycle brand Norton teams up with British luxury watch brand, Bremont, to produce limited edition chronograph to mark the return of the celebrated brand. According to the Bremont press release, ’ The Norton team were looking for a watch brand that shared their passion for engineering and a brand that would be-fit the heritage and history that returns back to the UK with Norton.’ Of course, Bremont seems to be the right choice to celebrate Norton’s return to the UK (as it was in US hands till recently) and we at MotoringExposure, underline this decision by both parties.

Bremont is operating in a very interesting (but competitve) price range, roughly between 2500 Euro / 3300 USD and 6500 Euro / 8600 USD. However, the quality and finish of their watches can easily compete with watches like the IWC Fliegerchronograph, Mark XVI or the Breitling aviation watches. When we were at the Bremont booth in BaselWorld and had a good look at the case construction and well designed and finished dials, bracelets, crowns and pushers, we can only conclude that we find Bremont to be at least more interesting than an IWC Fliegerchrono.

The Norton chronograph by Bremont will be limited to 200 pieces, each watch being hand crafted at the Bremont atelier in Switzerland. These limited models will retail for approximately 4000 Euro / 5300 USD. If sold out, make sure to have a look at the other Bremont watches as well. They have an interesting liaison with Martin Baker as well, known for his ejection seats, saving over 7200 lives till date. Visit their website for more information.

Bremont Norton Gallery

All pictures are courtesy of Bremont.


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