Burn some rubber with the Silver Arrows at Mercedes-Benz World

Set your alarm, this is worth getting out of bed for.

As children, we all grew up loving Disney World. Now that we have our driver’s licenses, we’ve moved on to a more adrenaline-fueled attraction – Mercedes-Benz World.

The Mecca of horsepower-filled German performance is located in the famous Brooklands site in Weybridge, Surrey, UK. Instead of roller coasters and famous cartoon characters, there are AMG automobiles and wide open tracks. Mercedes-Benz World offers rear-wheel drive fun for the entire family as long as you’re tall enough to reach the pedals on an A-Class (1.5 m).

To demonstrate the high-octane family fun at Mercedes-Benz World, the Silver Arrows team took out a few AMG models on the Brooklands track.

Mercedes-Benz World Silver Arrows Video


[Source: Mercedes-Benz]

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