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Cam Shaft Premium Wrapping Restyles the Ferrari F12Berlinetta

Cam Shaft Ferrari F12Berlinetta

Matte Metallic Monster.

Cam Shaft Premium Wrapping has been giving cars owners the ability to change the entire look of their car without damaging the paint for quite some time. The German company has created some unique colors, finishes, designs, and livery for the most exotic of cars to the everyday automobile. One of their more recent projects has been the Ferrari F12Berlinetta that has been transformed into quite the looker with a new wrap and some other exterior goodies.

Straight from the factory, the Ferrari F12Berlinetta is an impressive super car from its innovative and curvaceous design to its 6.3-liter V-12 spitting out 730 horsepower and 509 lb-ft. of torque. But Cam Shaft wanted to take it to another level and give it even more presence on the road with a newly designed wrap. The team opted for a new Titanium Matte Metallic colored wrap that is meticulously installed on the entire exterior without any bubbles, wrinkles, or blemishes. While most companies neglect the door sills and other body panels, Cam Shaft offers customers full coverage of these parts as an option for a uniform look.

Cam Shaft Ferrari F12Berlinetta

In addition to the full exterior makeover with the Titanium Matte Metallic wrap, Cam Shaft can also powder coat the factory wheels. For this particular Ferrari F12Berlinetta, the team powder coated the wheels in matte metallic grey, which included the complete disassembly and installation.

The full Titanium Matte Metallic wrap is priced at 3,100 Euros while the added door and body panels cost an extra 800 Euros. The powder coating of the wheels which is completed while the wrap is being installed is priced at 800 Euros.

Cam Shaft Ferrari F12Berlinetta Wrap Gallery

[Source: Cam Shaft Premium Wrapping]

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