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Friday FAIL: The Incredibly Awful Russian Park Job

No, there was no alcohol involved, surprisingly.

Russian dash cams have provided us with some incredibly shocking, scary, and hilarious footage, leading us to believe that Mother Russia is some sort of lawless wonderland that we thought only existed in fiction novels. But like all countries, it has some really bad drivers.

In Dzerzhinsky, a town just outside of Moscow, Russia, one taxi driver provided us with an incredibly big FAIL at parking. Luckily for us, the driver had their dash cam running for the entire event.

The driver starts out his FAIL of a parking adventure by hitting a Toyota and setting off the alarm, nudging it a few times for good luck. Instead of getting out and telling the owner or at least leaving a note, the driver backs up, and guns it down the street, hitting four to five cars in the process as they accelerate. The grand finale is when the driver hits the Renault, drives up on top of it, and proceeds to flip the car on its side. FINALLY, they were able to get a parking spot.

Probably the most incredible part of this story after watching the video and taking into account that it happened in Russia, is that the driver had not been drinking, although they were not allowed to carry passengers at the time. Maybe they should just blame it on unintended acceleration. Regardless, big FAIL on you, taxi driver.

Source: CrashTiVi YouTube Channel

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