Watch this amazing DTM On-Board Footage!

Trading paint in DTM.

Gary Paffett is a professional driver in DTM, driving a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe for EURONICS Mercedes AMG. Mr. Paffett was also was nice enough to tweet out video from his on-board cameras on the Red Bull Ring Spielberg from the last DTM race for us to enjoy.

Back in the day DTM was known for its crazy racing where drivers made contact, lost traction, and did whatever it took to win. This video goes to show that old-school racing mentality is alive and well, as contact is made with a few other drivers of BMW M3s and Audi A5s, while drivers push the limits of their cars to take the checkered flag.

We’re just going to shut up now and let you watch the video.

[Source: DTMinternational YouTube Channel]

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