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It’s Car Show Crash Season, Folks!

Morgan 4/4 Crash at Car Show

Spring is in the air and so is the sound of crushing metal.

At a car show in England, a Peugeot was caught with Ford Mustang badges after it hit another vehicle exiting a car show.

That didn’t really happen, but a Peugeot did rear-end a Morgan 4/4 right after it left a car show, and it was pretty hard to watch.

The wooden-framed Morgan 4/4 is quite a custom-built rarity and something special to behold. As it was leaving this car show, it sped onto a 50 mph road, attempting to get to speed up a hill. The only problem was that there was a Peugeot going rather quickly behind as it was coming down a hill and couldn’t avoid the Morgan.

Morgan 4/4 Crash at Car Show

A pretty bad rear-end accident resulted from the Morgan driver pulling out and the Peugeot driver going rather fast. It’s not quite clear which driver was at fault, but both probably could’ve done more to avoid this accident – specifically the Morgan driver with pulling out.

Thankfully, as crazy as this crash looked, nobody was hurt and the police immediately responded.

Just make sure that you look both ways and drive smart – especially when leaving car shows this year, folks. We don’t want to keep seeing videos like this now that car show season is here.

Source: AdamC3046 YouTube

How crazy was this rear-end accident after a Morgan 4/4 pulled out at a car show?


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