Celebrate 50 Years of Bond with The James Bond Archives

The James Bond Archives

A tribute to the world’s favorite spy.

Back in 1962 when Dr. No hit theaters, nobody could have predicted the incredible success that the James Bond series would achieve in the next 50 years. The franchise has seen 23 movies with six different actors playing the part of Bond, James Bond. To celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the James Bond franchise, Editor Paul Duncan, put together a hardcover, 600-page book that documents every aspect of the British spy franchise.

Duncan spent two years researching EON Production’s archives that included over 1 million photographs and 100 filing cabinets full of material along with the oral history from 150 cast and crew members. Every James Bond movie ever made including the Casino Royale (1967) and Never Say Never Again (1983) spoofs are included in this piece of literature.

Titled The James Bond Archives, the hardcover book includes 1,100 images, on-set photos, memos, storyboards, posters, designs, concepts, alternative designs, and even a film strip, providing the most enthusiastic James Bond fans with a comprehensive history from Dr. No (1962) to Skyfall (2012).

The 600-page hardcover book, edited by Paul Duncan measures 16.2 x 11.8 inches and retails for $200.00. Two art editions, each limited to just 250 copies will also be available through Taschen.

[Source: Taschen]

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