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It’s a Chevy Surprise in this “Real People” Parody!

Mahk Chevrolet Silverado Real People Parody

Time to take on the Silverado.

Chevrolet is still cranking out their memorable “Real People” ads and thankfully, “Mahk” and the guys at Zebra Corner are still poking fun at them. The latest to get crashed by Mahk is the fake Chevrolet Silverado focus group.

Mahk Chevrolet Silverado Real People Parody

In this parody, Mahk finds himself among friends in a focus group for the new Ford F-150… or so he thinks. His Ford-owning friends are met by a host and a camouflaged truck. Soon after, Mahk begins to suspect that something is amiss thanks to the bad jokes and the host’s familiar face.

Shortly after picking apart the “features” on the truck, the cover is pulled off to reveal the new Chevrolet Silverado. Mahk immediately throws up and falls to his knees in agony, cursing the fake focus group and their methods of getting people to like their truck.

Source: Zebra Corner

Do you agree with Mahk in his latest Chevy “Real People” Silverado parody?


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