CTS Vsport Twin Turbo Is A Figment Of Cadillac’s Wild Imagination

2014 Cadillac CTS Vsport

Cadillac is presently lost in the world of imagination. Apparently, the company fell into a state of day dreaming that it could be the premier brand that its history suggests. While in this state of tranquility, Cadillac produced several cars that seemed contrary to the company’s typical range: CTS, ATS, SRX, and XTS; a total opposite of the Coupe and Sedan de Ville, Fleetwood Brougham and Eldorado of the past.

Now, Cadillac seems to be in this catatonic state for a second generation. They now invite us to take our imaginations to the next level and have even provided tangible, visible and credible evidence. Recently, a group or journalists were invited to imagine with Dave Leone, Cadillac’s CTS Chief Engineer.

2014 Cadillac CTS Vsport

Imagine a dimension of sight and sound. The sight is a Cadillac CTS Vsport Twin-Turbo V-6. The sound? A 420-hp twin-turbo engine that could catapult the car to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds and a chassis as solid as bedrock. What if there was a Cadillac that could measure 0.97-G on a skidpad on par with several Porsches and beat its predecessor around The’Ring? A dimension in which cars get better with every generation.

With Lincoln on life support and Buick going after younger buyers, Cadillac is America’s lone luxury brand. It seems like a bad idea for the lone brand to be lost in some sort of hypnotic state. However, with the products the company has been producing in the past few years, let’s hope that they don’t stop imagining any time soon. In fact, make the badge a Unicorn.

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Source: Cadillac

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