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Let’s drive on the Highway without Two Tires!


What a great idea!

“They see me rollin. They hatin’, patrollin’ and try to catch me riding dirty…” – Chamillionaire

There are a lot of drivers out there that know absolutely nothing about their vehicles; how it’s supposed to feel, drive, and act. This is especially true when there is something wrong with a car. Mechanics, garages, and dealerships make quite a bit of money off of people that run their car into the ground and cause quite a bit of damage because they don’t know how to properly maintain their vehicle.

This is just one example of that, but taken to an extreme level of stupidity. A driver is cruising down the highways on two bare wheels. We’re not talking about those crazy bear wheels like these either:

Teddy Bear Wheels

We’re talking BARE WHEELS WITHOUT TIRES and acting like it’s no big deal. The car just apparently pulls to the right a bit normally and makes a loud screeching sound. It came like that off the showroom floor.

We don’t even have an explanation for this because it’s just baffling.

Source: Chin Hu YouTube Channel

Have you ever seen anything this stupid out of a driver?


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