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D3 Cadillac shows us why they are among the Best – Video


“We race what we manufacture, We manufacture what we race.”

In the vast world of aftermarket tuning companies there are a select few that separate themselves from the pack because of their commitment to quality and performance. D3 Cadillac is one of those companies, and spends countless hours testing and perfecting each of their products to ensure that they provide customers with a reliable part/tuning program that will never disappoint.

Not only are all of their parts thoroughly tested, but also backed by their motorsports program, namely the Cadillac Challenge Series that the D3 Cadillac team participates in. Being able to push each component to its limit on the racetrack is one of the best ways to perfect a product and ensure it is of the highest quality on the market. Just take a look at why automakers participate in a wide variety of racing series; the experience gained here is extremely valuable and has led to a number of technological innovations throughout history.

To showcase the quality of their products, D3 Cadillac created a video detailing all of the testing and racing that they go through to give you the best product possible.

Also be sure to sign up to win a two-person V-Series Performance Academy Driving Experience and be a VIP guest of Cadillac at a 2012 World Challenge Race Event of your choice!

[Source: D3 Cadillac]

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