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Drifting a Cressida? OK. – Scandanavian Flickfest

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Put a model, a 2JZ-powered tin can, one hell of a driver, and snowy roads together and you get this. Filmed using a helicopter-mounted gyroscopic camera paired up with a highly skilled production team… It’s called Scandanavian Flickfest.

If you’re familiar with Gatebil, then you’ve seen over-the-top builds before, but this isn’t one of them.

“But you said 2JZ.”

Danger to Manifold!

I know as soon as you read 2JZ you thought “danger to manifold” type power, but this one’s naturally aspirated. It puts down about 207 horsepower at the wheels. I can see you roll your eyes at this, but be patient. The car tips the scale slightly under 1100 kg (2,425 lbs.) and trust me, he can drive.

One thing to note is that Fredrik wanted to get it done on the first take to keep it “as authentic as possible.” I’ll give him that. It’s raw. You can strap a GoPro onto a car and throw it sideways and it’ll look cool. But when you add a helicopter and high-tech cameras in the mix it can become a masterpiece. Less talk, more drift:

Source: Fredrik Sørlie

Would you like to take this 2JZ-powered Toyota Cressida for a forest snow rally?


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