The Eighteen-Season Top Gear Infographic

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Top Gear is one of, if not the greatest automotive television shows ever made. Even though there are many different versions of it across the world, the one that automotive enthusiasts seem to enjoy the best is the UK version with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

One of the best parts of the show is when The Stig tests new cars around their abandoned airfield test track. All of the new sports cars and super cars that have been on the show have been pushed to their limits around the tracked by their anonymous racing driver, and their times recorded on a board to see what cars are the fastest.

The folks at BoostLabs.com have compiled all of the lap times from the past 18 seasons of Top Gear, dating back to 2002 and created a brilliant infograpic displaying all of the fastest times, top performers, track specs, and more. It’s easy to get a little lost comparing all of the data between cars, trust us.

The Eighteen-Season Top Gear Infographic

[Source: BoostLabs.com]

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