Emanuele Pirro and the new Audi R8 GT – Video

The five-time Le Mans champion tells us about the fastest and most powerful Audi.

The new Audi R8 GT is an impressive machine that builds upon the renowned success of the R8 model. The original Audi R8 was a celebration of the R8 racecar that won Le Mans several times, so what better way to introduce the most powerful model than with five-time Le Mans winner and AudiWekrs driver, Emanuele Pirro?

Only 333 examples of the R8 GT will be produced worldwide by Audi, with just 90 coming over to US shores. Each model will be powered by a 560 horsepower 5.2 liter V-10 engine and weigh 180 pounds less than the standard V-10 model.

Each of the four movies released by Audi feature Pirro going into detail about different aspects of the supercar, so buckle up and get ready for a howling V-10.

Audi R8 GT and Emanuele Pirro Video

Part 1 – Performance

Part 2 – Design

Part 3 – No Compromise

Part 4 – Weight Optimized

[Source: Audi of America’s Youtube Channel]

What do you think of the Audi R8 GT compared to the “standard” R8 5.2? Leave a comment and let us know!


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