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Friday FAIL: Audi R8 Drifts into a Pole

Friday FAIL Audi R8 Crash

Wet roads and supercars don’t mix well.

We’re going to keep things short and sweet this week on ‘Friday FAIL’. This video stars an Audi R8 on a wet, public road trying to show off. We all know that that is a recipe for disaster and of course, this video delivers.

This video may only be five seconds long and details are virtually non-existent other than what can be seen in said footage, but it’s a masterpiece of stupidity that you can keep watching over, and over, and over, and over again.

Friday FAIL Audi R8 Crash

What appears to happen is that an Audi R8 can be seen speeding down a wet, two lane road when it loses control and begins to slide. The driver tries to correct but it’s already too late. The R8 slides and smacks its rear fender right into a pole, knocking it over and bringing down all those lovely streamers along the road. After making contact, the R8 spins and goes flying into a bunch of trees and a ditch, where it came to rest.

It’s unknown if the driver was injured after this crash, but we’re hoping that they’re okay. That R8, though, was likely a total loss.

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Source: Reddit

How many times can you watch this clip of an Audi R8 crashing hard?


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