EMC Helps the Lotus F1 Team set a New World Record

Lotus F1 Truck Jump

Who knew semi-trucks could fly?

The Formula 1 season may be over with Lewis Hamilton reigning king, but the Lotus/Renault team is looking to make a few splashes away from the track with the help of EMC.

The Formula 1 team and business IT company teamed up to help the racers gain a competitive advantage on the track. While this season wasn’t as successful as Lotus/Renault had hoped, the partnership still looks promising, especially after this record-setting jump.

Mike Ryan, the professional stunt driver helped to coordinate the flying big-rig stunt and even got behind the wheel for the feat while Martin Ivanov was piloting the F1 car. As the truck hit the ramp, the F1 car drove beneath for a pretty dangerous but exciting stunt.

In the end, the truck flew an amazing 83 feet and 7 inches to set a new Guinness World Record. See more about the stunt on the EMC website.

Source: Top Performance Magazine, EMC

Would you be brave enough to drive under a semi-truck flying through the air?


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