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This Classic 70 mm Monaco Grand Prix Footage is Unreal!

1962 Monaco Grand Prix in the documentary, ‘Flying Clipper’

The view from 1962.

We can sometimes forget the legends and greats of racing that made motorsport what it is today with all the technology we have at our fingertips. This classic footage from the German documentary, ‘Flying Clipper’ aka Mediterranean Holiday, is a beautiful reminder of what the sport once was and those that blazed a trail for its future.

1962 Monaco Grand Prix in the documentary, ‘Flying Clipper’

This clip from Part II of the documentary focuses on the 1962 Monaco Grand Prix that Bruce McLaren won while driving a Cooper-Climax, taking 2:46:29.7 to drive 100 laps around the circuit.

The 70 mm footage is absolutely brilliant and a visual treat, showing on-track race footage, views from a helicopter, and trackside during the entire event.

This is a must-see video for any car enthusiast that will make you yearn for the days where legends were made.

Source: NoProperThrottleControl YouTube via Jalopnik

How amazing is this vintage 70 mm footage from the 1962 Monaco Grand Prix?


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