EMotions are running high with Fisker!

Fisker EMotion

Regular visitors to my Twitter or Facebook accounts, will know that a beautiful black Fisker Karma is the banner photo of both accounts. I fell in love with it long before I grew to know Tesla and still think that it is one of the most stunning four-door shapes of the modern era.

Fisker Karma

I was mortified when the news of Fisker’s problems resulted in its disappearance from the industry. Well now, the Karma has a sequel called the EMotion. This high-end luxury sedan is designed to compete with the luxury heavy-hitters and especially target the golden child that stole its crown – the Tesla Model S.

Fisker EMotion

The images released this week cause me to see it as an evolved version of the Karma. Still swoopy, but with a modern, chiseled look. In addition, the Fisker EMotion will take aim at other models in Musk’s lineup featuring a set of party-trick butterfly doors. The front of the car has hints of the Henrik Fisker-designed VLF Force 1.

Fisker also dropped a few new details about the EMotion in the press release:

·         A claimed top speed of 161 miles per hour.

·         A full gamut of self-driving hardware.

·         A rear seat with room that rivals an S-Class or 7-Series.

Fisker EMotion

While a press release and CGI photos don’t fortify these claims, it would be great if this new car came and shook up the playing field that is still trembling from Tesla’s presence.

Let me be very clear, if Fisker could release this car, I would definitely have an alternative to the Tesla — the “in car” that I now want desperately. The car is said to be revealed in mid-2017. By then, the rumblings should become clear decorations and hopefully a clear pathway to seeing the sequel to one of the most beautiful movies ever.

Are you excited for the new upcoming Fisker EMotion?


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