Fisker Could Pull Through….Others Have!

I know that this, as well as other publications, (both viral and tangible) have commented on or given the death sentence for Fisker Cars in recent memory. I have also banged out of couple of paragraphs about the subject. However, in retrospect, I do need to say that there is a possibility that Fisker could make a complete turnaround — a comeback, if you will. I know that the idea may be far-fetched, ridiculous or downright heretical, but miracles do happen. These divine occurrences have taken place in the auto industry every once in a while. How quickly we forget that many of the manufacturers that are garnering press and making elaborate presentations at Auto Shows and Press Events are the same ones that sat on pins and needles wondering if they would survive.

Audi fought through unintended acceleration and now produces some of the finest machinery in the industry. Porsche survived the economic downturn of the early 90’s and the (thankfully) unsuccessful assassination attempt on the 911. The Corvette almost died …TWICE! Jaguar XKR-S buyers spending their trust funds will not remember that Jags used to hold their owners hostage by locking them in with electronic glitches. The Quattroporte was almost out the door if Ferrari and FIAT hadn’t jumped in. Morgan went from father to son and subsequently went from shambles to celebrity. Remember the Catera? The Allante? The Cimarron? Cadillac would rather you forget. Lamborghini and Aston Martin are doing relatively fine now, but if you’ve ever needed the help of people who once built “Turnpike Cruisers” and trumped up LeBarons, let’s face it, you were in trouble. “Wow, I didn’t think they were still around!” are the words you will hear when Alfa Romeo or Lancia are introduced into the conversation. Either of them could have vanished at a moment’s notice with the latter re-badging Volkswagen minivans. Lest we forget; The German juggernauts: BMW and Mercedes-Benz have had their share of agonizing seasons. Had it not been for nearly 70 billion dollars of your hard-earned resuscitation funding, two of The Big Three would have gone the way of the Albatross also.

The Chinese are peeking through Fisker’s window. Fisker needs their kind of funds – and fast. Genius Car Guru Bob Lutz has even taken the design for his own venture. Why not give him the original to play with? Toyota Prii may start bursting into flames, causing Fisker fires to be a faded memory. Who knows? Maybe Henrik, the Father will come back home to his baby. There are hundreds of scenarios that could play out in Fisker’s favor. We sincerely hope that Fisker has a vibrant future and doesn’t become the fifteenth manufacturer to disappear since 2009. The technology is too incredible, the design, too beautiful, the car too valuable. With all that said, there may still be a chance for Fisker. We will hope for the best.

Do you think Fisker will survive and make a comeback? Leave a comment and let us know!


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