Watch a Ferrari Pee Prank Go a Bit Awry

Oh he’s mad.

Prankster, Roman Atwood, has been producing some pretty funny videos using a shake weight, air duster, and water bottle to make police and other bystanders think that he’s doing something that he actually isn’t. It’s pretty comical, and in his latest prank, he tries it on a Ferrari.

Atwood spotted a Ferrari 360 owner that just pulled into a handicapped spot without any handicapped placards or license plate, and reportedly “didn’t look handicapped.” Smells like one of those Ferrari douchebags to us. So, Atwood broke out his water bottle, put a small hole in the top, and then waited 20 minutes for the driver to come out before facing the car and pretending he was urinating on the super car. In reality it was just the water bottle, but it still made the Ferrari driver really mad and go into super-douche mode saying things like “I could buy your whole family, mother******!”

That whole “super car owners are douchebags” stereotype comes from somewhere…

[Source: Roman Atwood Pranks YouTube]

Did the Ferrari driver deserved to get pranked like this? Leave a comment and let us know!


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