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Enjoy the Sexy Monaco Nights with the best from 2016!

Monaco Exhaust Notes

All the super cars and exotics you could ask for from last year.

If you want to be hit with a sensory overload of super cars and exotics, Monaco is the place to be. Once the sun goes down, the bad boys come out to rev their engines and play.

Monaco Exhaust Notes

YouTube user, ‘TheTFJJ’, has been hanging around Monaco quite a bit and so they put together a compilation of all the exotics that were captured from 2016 in the European city-state.

There’s Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Audis, Mercedes-AMGs, boutique low-volume cars, and lots more – all highly modified and not afraid to show off for your enjoyment.

So, sit back and enjoy the 10-minute video of these lovely cars making lovely noises.

Source: TheTFJJ YouTube

What exotic exhaust note was your favorite from Monaco?


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