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Fake Valet + Ferrari = Gold Digger Prank!

Ferrari Gold Digger Prank

OMG you’re like so hawt because that Ferrari says so.

There are so many great benefits to driving a Ferrari. One of them is that you occasionally get the chance to expose a few gold diggers because, well, you drive a Ferrari and that’s what some people are after.

Ferrari Gold Digger Prank

Although Youtube Ferrari extraordinaire, ‘the.leviathan’, actually owns his Ferrari, he couldn’t help but jump at the chance for a good ol’ gold-digger prank.

While parked on the street, he is approached by a woman inquiring about his job because he has to have quite an income to afford a Ferrari. Upon learning that he is the valet driver, she becomes upset and annoyed, calling him “rude”. How dare he!

Just goes to show that some people are all about the money…

Source: the.leviathan

How funny is it to see this gold digger exposed?


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