Featured Fitment: Rocket Bunny Nissan GT-R with ADV.1 Wheels

Rocket Bunny Nissan GT-R with ADV06R Track Spec Wheels

Custom-tailored widebody style.

The Nissan GT-R is an impressive super car with a powerful road presence in its own right. Throw on a Rocket Bunny widebody kit made by Kei Miura with a set of ADV.1 wheels, and you have yourself an utter monster with an exotic appeal.

Rocket Bunny Nissan GT-R with ADV06R Track Spec Wheels

Kei Miura and his Rocket Bunny widebody kits have made quite a name for themselves over the past few years similar to that of Nakai-San and his Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB) Porsche 911s. These Rocket Bunny kits are made with a dedication to quality and use the best materials, starting with a laser-scanned vehicle for a precision fit. From that, Miura creates an eye-catching, out-of-this-world design that comes to life with high-quality carbon fiber and plastics that are resistant to warping and damage, and can withstand the forces from triple-digit speeds.

Rocket Bunny Nissan GT-R with ADV06R Track Spec Wheels

Each one of Miura’s Rocket Bunny kits are custom-tailored, making them a rare vehicle suited for collectors. This yellow and black Rocket Bunny Nissan GT-R is a perfect example with its flared fenders with exposed bolt apertures, commanding front bumper with large spoiler lip and LED lighting, deep side skirts, clean diffuser, and carbon fiber trunk with massive carbon fiber wing.

But what completes the look of this widebody Japanese monster is a new set of ADV.1 wheels. For this custom-tailored GT-R, new specially-made ADV06R Track Spec forged wheels were chosen for their low overall weight and dynamic look. The six double-spoke, three-piece wheels feature a directional twist and a deep concave profile that reflects the power of the exotic of which they are worn.

Rocket Bunny Nissan GT-R with ADV06R Track Spec Wheels

This yellow Rocket Bunny Nissan GT-R was outfitted with the ADV06R Track Spec wheels in a wide 22 x 11.5 front and 21 x 14.0 rear setup. Each wheel wears a Custom Gunmetal center finish and Custom Gold finish on the massive lips with exposed hardware peering from deep inside. The intricate finish and design perfectly matches the aggressive Gold and Carbon Fiber finishes proudly on display throughout the body.

Rocket Bunny Nissan GT-R with ADV06R Track Spec Wheels

This creation by Drivetech Auto Garage in Indonesia will definitely be a collector’s item and turn heads wherever it goes thanks to its power, Rocket Bunny kit, and custom ADV06R Track Spec wheels.

Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Nissan GT-R
Wheels: ADV06R Track Spec three-piece forged alloy
Wheel Finish: Custom Gunmetal centers, Custom Gold lips, exposed hardware
Front Wheels: 22 x 11.5
Rear Wheels: 21 x 14.0

-Full custom Rocket Bunny widebody kit

Rocket Bunny Nissan GT-R with ADV06R Wheels Gallery

Source: ADV.1
Build Credit: Drivetech Auto Garage

Do you like the crazy widebody look of this Rocket Bunny Nissan GT-R with ADV06R Track Spec wheels?


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