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Featured Fitment: Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX with VFN-507 Wheels

Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX with VFN-507 Wheels

Carbon fiber and lightweight wheels.

Late last year, Vorsteiner unveiled their Ferrari 458-VX carbon fiber aero kit at the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Even though the newer 488 GTB is out on the market, this lightweight bad boy had all the presence and athleticism that you could want.

Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX with VFN-507 Wheels

Now, it’s on full display in the flesh with a set of Vorsteiner VFN-507 forged wheels.

This white Ferrari 458 Italia was given the full Vorsteiner treatment starting with the 458-VX carbon fiber aero kit. The front fascia undergoes a more dramatic transformation with the Vorsteiner 458-VX carbon fiber aero bumper with integrated spoiler. This not only helps channel air more efficiently and reduce lift, but it also creates a more powerful look with greater road presence.

Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX with VFN-507 Wheels

At the rear of the mid-engined Italian is the new Vorsteiner 458-VX carbon fiber rear bumper with integrated diffuser. This new bumper and diffuser combo featured deep fins that channel air from beneath the body to create a clean and stable ride quality at high speeds. Above, a new spoiler sits between the taillights with a retro ducktail-style look to generate downforce.

Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX with VFN-507 Wheels

To complete the transformation with this Ferrari 458 Italia, Vorsteiner also added on their lightweight VFN-507 wheels. These monoblock forged wheels have a complex, multi-dimensional spoke design that matches the exotic character of the 458 Italia, yet keep weight to a minimum for better overall performance. Up front, these Vorsteiner VFN-507 wheels measure 20-inches in diameter while the rear comes in with a larger 21-inch size for a more aggressive, staggered look.

Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX with VFN-507 Wheels

There might be a newer, more powerful and higher-tech 488 GTB on the road, but the 458 Italia is still making its presence felt thanks to Vorsteiner.

Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Ferrari 458 Italia
Wheels: Vorsteiner VFN-507 forged alloy
Front Wheels: 20 inches
Rear Wheels: 21 inches

-458-VX Carbon Fiber Aero Front Bumper w/ Front Spoiler
-458-VX Carbon Fiber Aero Rear Bumper w/ Rear Diffuser
-458-VX Carbon Rear Spoiler

Ferrari 458 Italia with Vorsteiner VFN-507 Wheels and 458-VX Aero Gallery

Source: Vorsteiner

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