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Friday FAIL: The Absolute Worst Way to Warm up your Car

Friday FAIL Propane Car Heater

Completely dangerous.

On cold, winter days, it’s essential to have heat in your vehicle. Without it, your windows will fog up, you won’t be able to see properly, and you’ll be freezing the entire time. So, if your heating system doesn’t work, get it fixed. Don’t come up with a patchwork fix like this.

This Jeep Grand Cherokee driver came up with quite possibly the stupidest and most dangerous way to warm up your SUV. He took a propane tank, hooked it up to a torch, and lit it so flames come out to warm up the inside.

Friday FAIL Propane Car Heater

An actual unobstructed flame just going in the backseat of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. There are so many reasons why this is the worst idea ever. It’s just asking begging for something to catch on fire.

So, when you’re driving, you can have half of your SUV engulfed in flames but at least it won’t be cold.

Come on, folks.

Source: Shawn Ruffin Facebook, Speed Society

Is this the absolute worst way to warm up your vehicle in the winter?


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