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Friday FAIL: This is why you should ALWAYS Check your Mirrors!

Friday FAIL: Ferrari 488 Spider Crash

Try not to shed a tear.

Driving is hard for some people. When you don’t pay attention or use the proper safety tools all throughout your vehicle, bad things can happen to you and others sharing the road. Just ask this Ferrari 488 Spider driver in South Korea.

This driver with a dashcam didn’t check their side mirrors nor did they turn to check their blind spot before changing lanes. As a rule of thumb, you should always check both of these before changing lanes to make sure that nobody is sitting in your vehicle’s blind spot.

Friday FAIL: Ferrari 488 Spider Crash

But, this driver failed to do that and hit a Ferrari 488 Spider as it passed, knocking it sideways right as they were entering a tunnel. The Ferrari hit the barrier in the tunnel and the Hyundai driving ahead, before sliding back across both lanes and getting hit by the dashcam-mounted car.

The three-car accident ended up being pretty bad for the vehicles involved with the Ferrari more than likely totaled. Thankfully, nobody sustained serious injuries. But, this all could’ve been avoided if the one driver just checked their mirrors and blind spot before changing lanes.

Source: CarScoops

How mad would you be if you were the Ferrari driver who got hit by someone not checking their mirrors?


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