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Friday FAIL: When Citizens Become Traffic Enforcement Officers

Friday FAIL Blocking Lanes

This will probably give you road rage.

On this week’s ‘Friday FAIL’, we’ve got a sweet dose of self-righteous arrogance from a citizen officer that will likely make your blood boil and head hurt. So sit back, grab some blood pressure medicine, and try to enjoy this stupidity.

While on a motorway in the UK, traffic began to back up and become congested except for the passing lane(s). Here, the passing lanes are on the right as opposed to the left, being as everyone drives on the left.

With the left lanes being stopped, the driver of this dashcam-equipped vehicle (along with others behind him) decided to drive in the right lane after passing a sign that stated ’40 MPH Limit’ in all the lanes. However, a driver of a Silver Kia decided that passing would not be allowed here, and pulled out into the right passing lane in an effort to block the camera vehicle and others behind him.

Friday FAIL Blocking Lanes

Why did they do this? Well, according to the video uploader and driver of the blocked vehicle, it was because there was a sign two miles back that said this lane was closed further down.

Soon after slowly crawling along, a Silver Ford Escape decided to join in the fight against people passing by pacing traffic in the passing lane to the left of the Kia. The joint effort of these two drivers quickly backed up traffic and created a frustrating line of drivers that could have easily driven past on a clear road.

At one point, the Kia stops without traffic in front of them. The driver of the camera vehicle got out to try and explain the situation to no avail. This isn’t the safest or most legal idea, but frustration was just getting too much for him and others.

Further down the road, the Kia stopped again with drivers behind honking continuously. This resulted in multiple drivers getting out to try and reason with the Kia driver.

It was only after the Kia driver saw the 40 mph signs that they decided to move over and let traffic pass in the right lane. There was no lane closure either.

Source: DanUK1984 YouTube

How mad would you be if you were stuck behind this driver that would not let you pass in an open lane?


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