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Friday FAIL: Don’t do Drugs and Crash into Ferraris

Steve Goldfield's Crashed Ferrari 458 Speciale

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Drugs are bad, kids. Driving while under the influence of drugs is one of the worst things that you could possibly do because you put yourself and others in danger. Just ask famous director and actor, Steve Goldfield, who is also a pretty big car enthusiast.

Steve Goldfield's Crashed Ferrari 458 Speciale

At an event in Hollywood over the holidays, Goldfield drove his Ferrari 458 Speciale and had it parked on the street. During the event, people alerted him to the fact that someone had just smashed into his track-focused Ferrari and was attempting to drive away.

Turns out that other driver couldn’t drive away due to the damage that her car had sustained. It also turns out that she was high on cocaine. When the police arrived on the scene, she assaulted one of the officers and was tased three times. She was arrested and taken to jail for assaulting an officer, attempting to flee, DUI, and resisting arrest.

Steve Goldfield's Crashed Ferrari 458 Speciale

The Ferrari 458 Speciale didn’t look good in the least bit as it sustained heavy rear damage as well as front-end damage due to the fact that it was pushed forward and into a light pole.

This is why you shouldn’t ever drive while on drugs.

Steve Goldfield’s Crashed Ferrari 458 Speciale Gallery

Source: Steve Goldfield Facebook, TheSupercarKids

How mad would you be if your Ferrari 458 Speciale was crashed into by a person driving high on cocaine?


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