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Friday FAIL: Don’t Drive your Ferrari through Water!

Friday FAIL: Ferrari F12Berlinetta in Water

Caulk the wagon and float it across, or attempt to ford the river?

If you have one of the first Ferrari F12Berlinettas in Argentina, then you want to keep that beauty from Maranello as clean and damage-free as possible. This owner, however, didn’t seem to have that in mind when he tried to drive through a ford in San Clemente, Cordoba.

Friday FAIL: Ferrari F12Berlinetta in Water

The Ferrari F12Berlinetta is one of the last cars that you would want to drive off-road. The suspension, wheels, tires, bodywork, and drivetrain are designed for maximum performance on the road – not off of it. It’s low, fast, and not made to go through dirt and mud, let alone water.

This driver thought that it could drive through the deep water in this ford. They quickly realized that doing so would be impossible after water got sucked into the engine and the transmission locked up.

Thankfully, a Toyota Hilux came to the rescue and was able to tow the super car out of the ford as water drained from the tailpipes.

Good luck getting that Ferrari to run properly.

Source: Autoblog Argentina

How stupid was this driver that tried to drive through a creek with their Ferrari F12Berlinetta?


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