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Friday FAIL: Don’t Go Rushing to the Pub in a Porsche

Friday FAIL: Porsche Pub

Or simply, don’t drive like an ass.

There are some things that require speeding and weaving through traffic, and they’re called emergencies. Picking up your husband from the pub is not one of them.

But, that was the excuse that one Porsche driver used after being caught on dashcam almost hitting an oncoming car head-on while trying to overtake another.

Damian Hodgson, who was driving behind a blue Citroen on B1253 between Rudston and Bridlington, East Yorkshire, thankfully had a dashcam mounted to capture the entire incident.

“She [the Porsche driver] put at least several lives in jeopardy by attempting that overtake,” said Hodgson.

“We were just all in complete shock – we couldn’t believe what we were seeing because it was just so reckless.

Friday FAIL: Porsche Pub

“We were just getting up to the national speed limit and we were approaching a slow moving tractor and then the Porsche just came flying past. We genuinely thought it was a definite head-on collision.”

The Porsche narrowly missed the Skoda that was in the oncoming lane, who wasn’t injured but in tears after the close call. Luckily, the Citroen and Porsche drivers had pulled over farther down the road.

The Porsche driver thought that she was going to die herself, and was said that she was wearing a pair of slippers as an excuse for passing on a blind bend.

Thankfully only cosmetic damage resulted from the incident and nobody was hurt. Be smart out there, folks!

Source: Mirror, 9Gear YouTube

How mad would you be if a driver attempted to do this to you?


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