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Friday FAIL: How NOT to Drift an Audi S5 in the Snow


That’ll buff right out, no problem.

Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive system is a pretty advanced way of making sure all four wheels achieve maximum grip and propel vehicles. It was forged on the Group B rally stage and has since become a hallmark of the German brand. However, that doesn’t mean that your Quattro-equipped vehicle is suddenly invincible and can save you from stupidity.

This Audi S5 driver drifting through the snowy and slick public roads is just one example of how the best technology is always trumped by stupidity.

While drifting at a considerably fast speed down a slick road, a driver of an Audi S5 could not get the tires to grip properly and ended up going sideways before it had a pleasant meeting with a bus stop shelter and spinning around.

Drifting on public roads isn’t smart and all-wheel drive can’t save you from stupidity, but it can earn you a big Friday FAIL. Drive safe in the snow, kids.

How big of an idiot is this Audi S5 driver who tried to drift in the snow?


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