Friday FAIL: Drive your Ferrari 458 Speciale A with Insurance

Friday FAIL: Ferrari 458 Speciale A Towed

Especially in London.

There were only 499 Ferrari 458 Speciale A “Aperta” models ever made, and this is one of the lucky few that got towed in London at the beginning of February.

According to witness reports from DailyMail, the young male driver of the Ferrari was driving in a convoy with other cars. His father was in front of him driving a Porsche 918 Spyder and began to park. The Ferrari driver attempted to do the same and caused traffic to stop and become congested in the street. That caught the attention of police, who discovered that the driver was uninsured.

Friday FAIL: Ferrari 458 Speciale A Towed

Driving without insurance is a big no-no in England, so police were forced to seize the vehicle.

However, instead of calling up your traditional flat-bed tow truck that drags the car onto its bed, a specialty truck was called in to get the job done. This truck utilized a crane lift system that supported the bottom of the super car and brought it up securely onto the bed, without any scraping and damage.

So, next time you go out and buy yourself a super car, make sure that you have it insured before you go driving. Otherwise, you’ll end up in an embarrassing situation.

Source: Germaniack Spotting YouTube, DailyMail

How embarrassed would you be if your Ferrari 458 Speciale A got seized because you didn’t have insurance?


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