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Friday FAIL: Family Road Rage

Father-Son Fued.

When road rage occurs, it’s normally between two strangers that are fuming with how the other is driving. But this road rage incident in China is a bit different as these two drivers decided to keep it all in the family.

In Ma’anshan, of eastern China’s Anhui Province, a father and son had fallen out and took their fight to the main street for some family road rage. The two drivers, the son in the BMW Z4 and the father in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, had been weaving in and out of traffic, chasing each other for quite a while before the two came to a stop at a busy intersection.

As the son began to drive forwards in his BMW, the father cut him off and causes him to swerve into the oncoming lane and turn around to avoid damage. The son then turns around while the father is stopped at the median. The son tries to drive away but is forced to stop for traffic, giving the father the perfect opportunity to speed up and T-bone the son. The two exit their cars and the father then chases the son down the street.

After the family road rage incident, police got involved and are investigating the situation. The entire incident lasted for about four minutes, and both may face charges of dangerous driving.

Source: eyeontheworld9 YouTube Channel

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