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Friday FAIL: Hey Stupid, Don’t Text and Drive!

Friday FAIL: Truck Driver Texting and Driving

This type of stuff isn’t going away anytime soon.

Let’s face it, we’re a technology and cell phone addicted society today. We literally cannot put our phones down at times when it’s incredibly dangerous because we need to send that text, make that phone call, or update our status. It’s utterly insane and accidents like this are so preventable that the fact that they even happen is maddening.

Friday FAIL: Truck Driver Texting and Driving

Thirty-year-old Razvan Rusu is just the latest in a never-ending list of accidents caused by people texting and driving. In the short time that Rusu takes to look down at his phone, he’s ramming into stopped traffic. Thankfully, nobody was killed although two people were injured. On top of that, the Vauxhall driver had enough awareness to scamper out of the way to prevent being rear-ended.

Thanks to the dashcam and police investigation, Rusu was arrested and sentenced to eight months in jail for dangerous driving, although that seems like a relative slap on the wrist considering that people could have died because of his actions.

Don’t text and drive. Please.

Source: RI VideO YouTube

How stupid is this truck driver for texting and driving, and causing an accident?


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