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Friday FAIL: Hey, Your Wheel Looks Messed Up!

Friday FAIL SLK Damaged

This is fine.

Pretty much every single car or vehicle requires at least four wheels to operate properly. Trying to drive on three instead of four isn’t going to work out too well, especially when one of those wheels is heavily damaged and pointing in the wrong direction.

Friday FAIL SLK Damaged

This video of a Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class driver comes from Barcelona, Spain. Other than that, the only thing that we’re 100-percent sure about is the fact that the SLK-Class has endured some pretty significant front-end damage and really shouldn’t be driving down the road at all.

Some believe that the driver is speeding off because of a hit-and-run accident. Others think that the car is stolen and crashed on the getaway. Either way, whomever is behind the wheel is pretty screwed once police find them.

Thankfully, passengers on a bus were able to capture video of the damaged Mercedes-Benz attempting to drive down the busy streets of Barcelona for our enjoyment.

Source: CarScoops

Why do you think this driver is speeding down the street with a heavily-damaged Mercedes-Benz SLK?


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