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Friday FAIL: This is NOT how Tow Straps Work

Friday FAIL Tow Strap

Good job, guys.

It’s always good to have a friend with a truck and some tow straps that is more than willing to help you out when you’re stuck. This quick and easy way of pulling a vehicle out of trouble has come in handy so many times around the globe and left us thankful for the generosity of others.

But this guy just does something so incredibly stupid and also dangerous with them that it just leaves us asking, “Why?”

A friend’s truck was stuck in a way that it just could not move by itself, so a someone with tow straps rigged everything up and got ready to pull them out. Seems pretty straightforward, right?


Instead of slowly backing up to pull out the truck that was stuck, the driver of the truck towing smashed the throttle in reverse and ripped not only the bumper and tow hook off his truck, but part of the frame. This was the worst possible way to use a tow strap.

Thankfully nobody was hurt and the truck that was stuck was able to drive away.

Source: Good Videos

How stupid is this truck driver?


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