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Friday FAIL: Old Man Road Rage Fight


Road rage is never a good thing. It leads to accidents, fights, and can put others in danger. When it gets out of hand, police officers and attorneys have to get involved, and it’s never a good situation. But this road rage incident in Los Angeles saw a former police officer and attorney have a little road rage themselves.

A retired LAPD police officer driving a BMW and an attorney in a Volkswagen Beetle both exited the San Diego Freeway (Rt. 405) on Tuesday, with both drivers boiling with road rage. At the stoplight, both men exited their cars, and Jessica Breuer whipped out her camera and started filming.

According to Breuer, attorney Randalf Kincaid got out of his car and punched the retired officer. As Kincaid was walking back to his car, the two men exchanged some pleasantries followed by an old man shoving match.

After the hardcore shoving match, Kincaid began to enter his car and the retired officer jumped on his back and got him in a headlock, taking him to the ground, while car horns were blasting. The officer put him under citizen’s arrest and detained him until the police arrived.

For two people that should know and have experience with road rage incidents, this isn’t the greatest way to handle things on either side. Big Friday FAIL to both of these knuckleheads.

Source: Jessica Breuer YouTube Channel, KTLA

Place your bets now. Who would you take in this fight?


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