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Friday FAIL: Ford F-450 vs F-250 Repo Battle!

Friday FAIL Ford F-250 vs F-450 Tow Repo

That looks like a smart idea!

We get it. Things happen financially. People lose jobs, have unexpected bills, and money troubles happen all the time. It’s hard, but there’s a way to go about handling it with the businesses that you owe money in these situations. Doing this is not the right way to solve anything – in fact, it only makes things worse.

Friday FAIL Ford F-250 vs F-450 Tow Repo

In Homestead, Florida, one Ford F-250 Super Duty owner (using that term loosely) did not want to lose his truck to a repossession and put the pedal to the metal against a Ford F-450 tow truck.

The tow truck company had found the White Ford F-250 Super Duty and did their job by hooking it up for the repossession. After the truck was hooked up, the tow truck driver began to drive away.

According to Jalopnik, “After the vehicle was loaded up and driven away, the owner allegedly caught up with the tow truck at an intersection, and hopped in. He then reportedly told the tow truck driver he needed to grab some personal items, before firing up that Power Stroke diesel and putting the truck into gear”.

What ensued was an epic battle of pure American diesel truck muscle with one man fighting the bank to keep ownership of his truck. The Power Stroke turbodiesel V-8 engine of the F-250 put up quite the fight with the F-450 tow truck, at one point going as far as to tilt it into the air while its four-wheel drive system spun tires and grabbed at the pavement.

Friday FAIL Ford F-250 vs F-450 Tow Repo

In the end, the F-250 ended up freeing itself from the F-450 tow truck but not after significant damage was done to both vehicles.

After the incident, Miami Dade police arrested the driver of the White Ford F-250, who dug himself an even deeper hole with the truck.

Source: ONLY in DADE Facebook, Jalopnik

Would you try to get in your truck and drive away while it was getting repossessed by a tow truck?


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