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Friday FAIL: Ferrari 360 Crashes while Street Racing

Friday FAIL Ferrari Street Racing Crash

Thankfully, the F50 is okay.

*NEWS FLASH* Street Racing is NEVER a good idea. It’s also illegal pretty much all over the world. Unfortunately, no matter how many news stories, videos, pictures, and warnings are shown to the public, it still happens consistently. Don’t do it. Just go to the track. If you own and drive an exotic like these two drivers, then you obviously have the means to go to the track.

This dashcam video comes from Japan on a Tokyo expressway and stars a Ferrari 360 and a rare F50. In the short video, we can see both cars speeding down the roadway with the F50 coming into the frame first while passing on the right (in the passing lane), and using their turn signal while moving into the middle and then the left (slow) lane in order to pass traffic ahead.

Friday FAIL Ferrari Street Racing Crash

A Ferrari 360 passes on the left (slow lane) and is forced to swerve to the left onto the shoulder in order to avoid the F50 quickly merging into the same lane. Unfortunately, the driver of the 360 loses control and goes sideways across three lanes into the median, where it hits the concrete, spins, and comes to a rest perpendicular to traffic.

The Ferrari 360 is likely totaled while the F50 is able to speed away. It’s unknown if the two drivers know each other, however you can bet the 360 driver is incredibly angry at the F50 driver despite their fault in the entire situation.

Again, the lesson in all of this is to NOT ENGAGE IN STREET RACING. Thankfully nobody else was hurt or injured and there were no other cars on the road sustained damage.

Source: bech1119 YouTube

How stupid were these two Ferrari drivers to be street racing on a busy expressway?


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