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Friday FAIL: The Perfect Reaction to an Idiot Driver

Friday FAIL: Aussie Motorcycle Crash

Aussie cursing at its best.

Stupid drivers are literally everywhere. At any time in any country, there’s probably a stupid/unaware/distracted/impaired driver on the road when they shouldn’t be. This Friday FAIL is just another example of a stupid driver down in Australia not paying attention.

Friday FAIL: Aussie Motorcycle Crash

This motorcyclist simply wanted to enjoy his day off by going for a ride. Instead, a car pulled right out in front of him, causing him to crash right into it. Of course, it hurt a ton, especially in his twig ‘n berries, which led to some pretty interesting NSFW profanity.

Thankfully, there were a few witnesses in high-visibility workwear that ran over to help and see if everything was okay. They were also able to give police an accurate description of what happened and who caused the accident.

Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt. Just make sure that you pay attention to prevent accidents like this, folks. Otherwise, you’re bound to get some very Aussie insults thrown your way.

Source: Mischift YouTube

How mad would you be if you had a car pull out in front of you like this?


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