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Friday Fail: The Saturn Gallardo Lamborghini Replica

Friday Fail: The Saturn Gallardo Lamborghini Replica

Only six cylinders short, right?

Replica cars can be beautiful pieces of engineering with quality craftsmanship that properly pay homage to oftentimes unattainable automobiles. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. While this Lamborghini Sky, aka Gallardo replica based on a Saturn Sky, looks to have been built pretty well, it leaves us scratching our heads and asking “Why?”

The Lamborghini replica popped up on as a “lamborghini gallardo spyder.” There is no question that the conversion required a great deal of labor, fabrication, and customization to the original Saturn Sky convertible, and we tip our hats to the person/people that built it. But, WHY DO THIS TO A SATURN SKY?!?! The Sky itself is a decent sports car with unique, sharp lines, and is somewhat of a collector’s item due to the fact that Saturn is a dead brand.

The Lamborghini Gallardo was one of the most successful models from the Italian automaker and a very large number were produced. If anything, the owner of the Lamborghini replica could have just saved up a bit more money and purchased a used Gallardo if he really wanted one.

Much of the interior remains the same, save for a gaudy Lamborghini badge with cursive “Gallardo” on the steering wheel and chrome, crooked “Lamborghini” logo on the glove box. Not quite the hand-stitched alcantara and carbon fiber trim that we’re used to seeing on the Gallardo. Those wheels and small brakes don’t really look the part either.

But the cherry on top for this Lamborghini conversion is the ad itself on

lamborghini gallardo spyder – $33500 (arlington hts)
replica car build on 2010 saturn sky redline turbo build in 2011 only serious buyers call (XXXXXXXX) I will trade only for ferrari replica or laborghini replica text ok no low bollers please”

First off, asking almost $34,000 is a bit steep. Secondly, it’s spelled “ballers” not “bollers.” You’re not doing yourself any favors with an ad like that.

The bottom line is that the Lamborghini Sky is not the worst conversion we’ve seen, but it still had us doing a collective facepalm and shaking our heads. The Lamborghini replica ad was also a big FAIL on the owners part. Please, do us all a favor by cleaning it up a bit and using spell-check before posting an advertisement.

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What do you think of the Saturn Sky Lamborghini replica? Is it a FAIL? Leave a comment and let us know!


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