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Friday FAIL: Thief on a Scooter Hits a Wall

Friday FAIL Purse Thief Crashes

This is hilariously bad.

There are television shows dedicated to the world’s dumbest criminals for a reason. There’s so many stupid criminals in the world causing themselves to get caught that it’s just laughable. This purse thief at a gas station is just another one to add to the list.

Friday FAIL Purse Thief Crashes

While a woman was filling up her KIA at a gas station, the thief pulled up on the opposite side of the car while riding a motor scooter. The thief gets off and sneaks over to the passenger-side door. The woman pumping fuel doesn’t notice as the thief takes her purse from inside the car and hops on their scooter, getting ready to speed off with the loot.

The only problem was that the thief wasn’t in control of the scooter at all, and drove it right into a wall, crashing hard. The lot attendant notified the woman pumping fuel that her purse was taken, so she walked over and took it back from the injured criminal.

And they would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling scooters!

Source: HOLLYTube YouTube

How stupid was this scooter-crashing purse thief?


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