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Friday FAIL: This is some Serious Road Rage

Friday FAIL: Houston Road Rage Fight

Brawlin’ on the streets.

Road rage, as we’ve said so many times before, is never, ever good. It’s never a good idea to engage in it, and it never results in anything positive. This road rage incident in Houston, TX on Saturday, May 14th, is just another example.

According to KTRK, on FM1960, a road rage incident occurred between a Dodge and Hyundai that escalated very quickly at a stoplight. David Dao was parked near the two vehicles and had his daughter record cell phone video of the incident in case they needed to be eyewitnesses.

An argument had broken out in the middle of the intersection with the driver of the Dodge trying to restrain his female passenger and get between her that the man that she was arguing with. Shortly after, all the passengers start to get back into their vehicles and it all appears to be over. Well, the Dodge driver thought that he should gun it and get in front of the Hyundai Genesis to prevent them from going anywhere.

Friday FAIL: Houston Road Rage Fight

That only escalated things as the woman and passenger of the Hyundai argued until a drink was thrown at her. The driver of the Dodge then angrily stomped on the Hyundai’s hood and all hell broke loose. Both males in the Hyundai began fighting the Dodge driver, with the woman trying to break it up, which only got her a fist to the face.

“I couldn’t believe it. As soon as he kicked the grille, I was like, ‘This is going down now,'” Dao said. “I was thinking this is going to be bad. At that time, I knew because there’s physical damage now.”

Thankfully, the fight was short lived with passengers going to their respective cars. After the woman got in the Dodge, they backed up right into the Hyundai, causing some pretty significant front-end damage before driving away.

No accident was ever reported to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and nothing is known what happened to the four people involved in the incident.

Don’t engage in road rage. As you can see, nothing positive ever happens from it.

Source: Ravion Moyers YouTube, KTRK

How crazy was this road rage incident in Houston?


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