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More Friday FAIL: The Train Always Wins


Hey, there’s a train there.

When you drive down a road with train tracks intersecting it, there’s a good chance that a train will be steaming through there at some point in the day. That’s why there are the warning lights, gates, and horns blasting before one passes through.

One idiot driving a black Jeep in Houston, Texas thought that it would be a good idea to just ignore these lights and gates and try to drive through the intersection. They’re just a big nascence anyways, right?

Well, this stupid decision led to the Jeep getting smacked by the train that was passing through, showing us how the train always wins against a motor vehicle. Don’t be stupid and try and beat a train, folks.

Source: FasterFirtNews YouTube Channel

How stupid was this Jeep driver trying to outrun a train?


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