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Friday FAIL: When you try to mount a Tire the Cool Way, but Almost Burn Yourself

Friday FAIL Redneck Tire Mounting

That could’ve ended much worse.

We’ve all seen those videos where some self-proclaimed redneck mounts a tire using some kind of flammable chemical spray and a match or lighter. When it works, it’s a pretty impressive feat of backwoods engineering. When it doesn’t, you end up on ‘Friday FAIL’!

This guy watched a few too many of those videos and wanted to give this redneck method of tire mounting a try. After crashing the truck, he finally got the opportunity. So, he took a can of carb cleaner and sprayed it around the rim and the tire. Then, he took a match, lit it, and threw it at the wheel. Instead of creating a quick burst of fire that creates a vacuum, sucking the tire onto the wheel, it just started on fire in a rather pathetic display of stupidity.

Friday FAIL Redneck Tire Mounting

Once he was able to get most of the flames that he could see out by smacking the shit out of them with his glove, he got down to mount the tire himself. The only problem was that there were still flames burning and there was a lot of unburnt carb cleaner beneath the tire that had not ignited. After pushing on the tire, opening a pathway for the air and flames to mix with the unburnt carb cleaner, the mixture ignited in a small explosion that just came shy of melting the guy’s face.

Those redneck engineering videos may look pretty cool, but you probably shouldn’t try them at home unless you have quite a bit of experience – especially if they involve fire.

Source: 2savetime YouTube

How stupid was this guy to try and mount his tire using carb cleaner and matches?


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