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Friday FAIL: Two Mechanics Crash a Ferrari Enzo

Friday FAIL Ferrair Enzo Crash

Oh boy that’s going to make one customer mad.

On Monday, June 23rd, in Stamford, Connecticut, one very expensive and rare Ferrari Enzo had a meeting with a concrete barrier on Interstate 95. The driver lost control and oversteered right into the concrete divider.

But here’s where the Friday FAIL comes into play; the driver of the car was Leonardo Garcia and his passenger was Daniel Palchik – both employees of Miller Motorcars, the former being a Ferrari tech and the latter an Aston Martin tech.

Friday FAIL Ferrair Enzo Crash

The two were taking a Ferrari Enzo out for a test drive and lost control then hit the barrier. Garcia was treated for minor injuries and ticketed by police for “failing to drive in an established lane.” Now, the 651 horsepower Ferrari Enzo is left with some pretty awful damage and will leave quite a few people very, very angry.

Here’s the police report.

Source: Lohud, Jalopnik

How mad would you be if dealership employees crashed your Ferrari Enzo?


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