Friday FAIL: Well, That Didn’t Go as Planned!

Friday FAIL Subaru Rally Crash

Honey, there’s another Subaru in the house!

The Targa Newfoundland annual rally sees some of the best sports cars, supercars, and rally racers speed through public streets and the beautiful scenery. There really isn’t anything else like it in North America and it is quite the fun time.

Friday FAIL Subaru Rally Crash

Well, that is unless you don’t crash into a house.

During the Targa Newfoundland, one Subaru racer locked up the brakes and lost control during a turn, causing the WRX to crash right into a house.

Thankfully, both driver and passenger were okay, but you can bet it ruined their day as well as the homeowner’s.

Source: JC_cars

How mad would you be if a Subaru rally car slammed into your house?


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