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Friday FAIL: What the Heck is this Guy Doing?

Friday FAIL Truck Idiot

Drunk, drugs, or just nuts.

We’ve seen some stupid people on our Friday FAIL features, but this truck owner has to be towards the top of the list.

We’re not sure if this guy is high as a kite or drunk out of his mind, but he is apparently stuck playing this childhood game where the pavement below is some sort of molten lava that will kill him if he touches it. He also seems to believe that the window is a swing as well.

Friday FAIL Truck Idiot

The sad part of the story is that if that was the case, then he has clearly lost after stumbling from the bed on his way to the cab.

We also hope that nobody let this guy drive away in this state – that is, if he could figure out how to start the truck.

Don’t do drugs, kids!

Source: Randy Power YouTube

How stupid is this guy trying to get into the cab of this truck?


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